Information about TourBud


What is TourBud?

For travelers

What do you usually do in a foreign country when you face issues or have questions while traveling, you call your buddy to ask for an advice! But what if you don't have one in that country? 

Here where comes TourBud! 

We provide you with local gurus who will answer your questions by phone and advise you while you are planning and throughout your trip.

When you have questions like "Where to get the best local food and do not spend all your money?", "I can't understand what they are trying to say to me" or "Please explain the taxi driver where I'd like to go" All you need to do then is to make a simple phone call! No smartphones are required, good, old brick phones will do.

For local gurus who want to earn money

You can  become a guide by yourself, guide people by phone, answer their questions and earn money while sitting at home or in office! We only take 10% from what a tourist is paying  you. 

There is no need to meet with the tourist in person! 

Just press big button at the top right of the page, create a listing at the city you are currently living and start earning money via just sitting at home! 

TourBud is powered by the Sharetribe marketplace platform.

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